OCA Group


If maximum quality and safety standards want to be guaranteed in all stages of product manufacturing, projects and processes, inspection is an essential element. For that, OCA Group offers inspection and quality control as a means of helping businesses reduce risks. It also helps to comply with all the regulatory requirements in different regions and markets. ×


Our one-of-a-kind certification services are designed to prove that a company’s products, processes, systems and services comply with all the corresponding national and international standards and regulations. OCA Group offers its clients the security of being able to operate with absolute peace of mind in their respective markets. ×


We offer a response to all your growth and development requirements. At OCA Group, we offer to organizations and individuals our extensive professional expertise combined with the latest methodologies, tools and technologies in order to guarantee a successful training process that will have prompt impact on your business/profile. ×


OCA GROUP is a business services group dedicated to the inspection, certification and training activities. It was created with the purpose of establishing itself as a quality reference in the Spanish and international markets and as an alternative to the traditional organizations.

OCA Group is a 21st century organisation created with the sole objective of providing a response to the real needs of its customers on a global level.

Employing more than 700 people and through a wide network of partners, offices and companies, we are able to offer our services in more than 30 different countries around the world. We offer a wide range of services for all kind of industries, sectors and companies. Our experience goes back to more than 30 years dedicated to quality, environment, health and safety, industrial inspection, social responsibility, food safety and vehicle roadworthiness testing.

The Group is made of: OCA ICP, OCA ITV, OCA Cert, Nascor Formación, OCA Internacional, EQO in addition to our foundation OCA Foundation.

Reasons to trust us







In a world that is constantly changing and bringing new risks every day, OCA Group helps clients ensure that nothing is left to chance.

The activities developed and services provided by OCA Group help to increase the quality, safety and productivity of our clients’ products having a potential impact in almost every business or human being life.

The OCA Group organisational structure allows us to offer real added value in all the services provided to our customers. We have a multi-disciplinary team composed by both, young talents and professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields.

Our corporate culture fosters talent, knowledge and confidence, building in that way a strong reliable global team. The key to our success lies in continuous innovation, flexibility, efficiency, response capability and service excellence.